To be the master of Alona Beach

Snorkeling: You can enjoy snorkeling along Alona Beach 
            for 400〜500m.
Food: It costs about $3 for breakfast, $7 for lunch and 
      $10 for dinner. 
      The cost of staying at beach is cheap.
      San Miguel Beer is good and about P20. It is
      cheaper than water. Fresh mango juice is about P50.
      Mango fruits is also good.
Mosquitoes: There are less mosquitoes but they 
            may attack you in restaurants at night.
            Then you may ask for mosquito coils.
            Bringing mosquito coils is recommended.
Ferry: OcaenJet and other ferries are second use of 
       japanese ferry.
       "No smoking" signs are written in Japanese.
E-mail: You can rent the PC at restaurants and diving 
        shops and mail.
Souvenir: Dry Mango is good.

Sightseeing: Panglao has Hnagdanan Cave.
             Chocolate hill is famous in Bohol.
             Bohol has rivers, waterfalls and caverns. 
             You can do river rafting.
Balicasag island
Hinagdanan Cave

 It is in north west 
 of Panglao Is.      
 The limestone cave  
 is about 25x20m     
 width. The pond is 
 made of groundwater.
It is cool inside  
the cave.          
Inside Hinagdanan Cave
   Chocolate hill

      Most famous tourist spot in 
      There are about 1000 cone hills 
      that are 40m height.
      This name comes from the fact 
      that the plants on the hill 
      change the color to brown like
      chocolate in early summer.

   It takes 2 hours from 
      Alona Beach by taxi.

They live only
in Bohol in the
   They are primitive
 animal and so   
Chocolate hill

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