Akira Yoshizawa : The World of Creative Origami

January 3rd (Tue) ---- January 16th (Mon) 2006
in Yurindo Bookstore, Yokohama

My Thoughts on the New Year Exhibition

It is almost a year since Akira Yoshizawa passed away. The annual New Year’s Exhibition was held at Yurindo’s gallery in Yokohama from January 3rd to 16th of this year. Yurindo, one of the major bookstores in Japan, has been a continuous supporter of Yoshizawa’s Creative Origami.
In this exhibition, we displayed some models which were returned to Yoshizawa after an absence of 50 years. They were considered lost after the Exhibition in Amsterdam in 1954, but happened to be found two years ago. Akira Yoshizawa was so delighted to see his lost models again. Even though they were made more 50 years ago, they were so beautiful and exquisite. It proves that Yoshizawa had already attained consummate skills and aesthetic perfection in Creative Origami from his early days.
We also introduced the process of Yoshizawa’s creations, because we’d like many visitors to know how Yoshizawa devoted himself to complete each model. He folded every single line with careful consideration and verve. His models retain the warmth and grace of his spirit. He loved and admired all things created by God.
In addition, from the results of questionnaire at this exhibition, we found that many visitors in this exhibition recognized Yoshizawa’s Creative Origami model to be very impressive and highly artistic. We were so happy to learn that his models continued to move people by their beauty.
With a help of Yurindo, we started to make lists of his entire works. We will make efforts to preserve and convey his art of Creative Origami for future generations.
Kiyo Yoshizawa
 The entrance hall

         Various kinds of the Dog

Center of the exhibition hall-Main work--The self-portrait

The works of traditional Japanese dance
Dog--one of Japanese zodiac signs
One of the Snow series on the panel
Stork--structure on the panel
Abstract--Spirit (flower, grass and tree)
Frame, Abstract I
Frame, Abstract II

Process of Yoshizawa's creations - The mantis

TV programs carried Yoshizawa's works at Yurindo's gallery

March 14, 2006

Dear Friends of Origami:
One year has passed since my beloved husband, Akira Yoshizawa departed his life of many long years on the earth dedicated to Art of Origami. He is named and remembered as the originator of Creative Origami. His thoughts and attitude towards Origami were filled with his enduring love, effort of hard work.
His models retain the warmth and grace of his spirit. He loved and admired all things created by God. I hope that his beautiful and heart-touching works will be shown to many people and will spread the Art of Creative Origami as far as possible in the world.
With deep gratitude for your love and support, and best wishes.

Yours truly.
Kiyo Yoshizwa