About "Simultaneous Parallel Circuits" @ACAC

Tabula Rasa is constructed from almost infinite multiple nonsense layers. Words inject the life cycle as a real world into the tabula rasa by grouping together these multiple nonsense layers. In the consciousness, the real world, formed by words, is homogeneous with the imaginary world. The imagination is not beyond realty in the methodology.
Correspondingly, "Simultaneous Parallel Circuits" is the equation of poetry with the morphology of the imaginary world which is itself designed as a construction of the tabula rasa in its pre-linguistic states. It is a monad. The genre of palindrome that I selected here suggests symmetry and ambiguity. While saying this, however, I realize that this is the very kind of literary discourse I must avoid. I am unavoidably forced to leave off explaining my work... (by whom? Why?)

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