Free distribution of the poems "2020"

Engine books edited 18 poems that I uploaded to Facebook from April 17th to June 11th, 2020, and published a collection of poems "2020" (The imprint is July 24th, 2020) . This book has been funded by "Establishment of the Kyoto City Cultural Arts Activity Emergency Incentive Grant In Response to the Impact of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)" and will be distributed free of charge. Those who wish are asked to write their name and address on a E-mail.


In the summer of 2019, I left Facebook and twitter. In the spring of 2020, the situation has changed, and I restarted Facebook. Taking this opportunity, I linked my poetry on Facebook in 2017 --- Visualization of numerical poetry, algorithmic poem --- to my website. Then, I found out that Facebook had no potential as a support for poetry, once again. I assumed that if Facebook could be interpreted as a "wasteland," I could utilize it as a testing ground which allowed any incidents to happen. I have been writing poetries which are characterized by the use of search engine (2004-) and Google-translation (2006-) . I decided to start the poetries again and put them on Facebook.The background of this methodology is my interests for Renga (linked verse). However, I have an aversion to the bullying behavior, resulted from consensus building, and goal-oriented in the collaboration. Avoiding it, I chose the redundancy and suspense of the network, not the others.

It is well known that Google Translate has dramatically improved its accuracy by using neural networks, since 2016. However, I, as a poet, found it unacceptable and eerie. Because it seemed an eerie manifestation which denied diversity and went to uniformity. The network, in the spring of 2020, responded to me with divergent or convergent thinking. The series of poetry is the record of my trial and error through of it.

The work and discussions at the Archival Archetyping, which I have participated in FY2019, and the Time based project, which I have participated in FY2020, were the catalysts for editing this collection of poems.

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