■ HAIKU ( English Section ) SHOZO KAJIMA JUDGE■
【 Honorable Mention 】
as if we could
change our lives ...
summer moon
Marjorie Buettner ( Minneapolis, U.S.A. )
sleeping poet -
yellow moonlight falls
on troubled words
Beverley George ( Pearl Beach, Australia )
autumn sunset
a fish leaps from
the last patch of blue
Vanessa Proctor ( Sydney, Australia )
always just so
the shadow
of the rising hawk
Robert Gibson ( Centralia, U.S.A. )
A spring downpour
forcing its way through the torrents
sound of village bells
Tomislav Maretic ( Zagreb, Croatia )
Dark clouds from above
magnolia buds wait for Spring
I await the storm.
Gloria Siegel ( California, U.S.A. )
Sleepless in bed.
Her husband's bald head
shining in the Moon.
Zeljko Funda ( Croatia )
into the storm drain
the last of winter
Adelaide B. Shaw ( NewYork, U.S.A. )
kendo practice --
shadows of their swords
Michael Meyerhofer ( Iowa City, U.S.A. )
hanging weightless
against the cobalt globe
- a hawk
Ruzica Matuka ( Sesvete, Croatia )