Greetings From Daichu-ji Temple
February 2003
As the cold wind blows here in Numazu we can see snow-capped Mt.Fuji shining brightly as if supporting the sky. How is February in your country?
We received 229 entries last year for the Suruga Baika Literary Festival. Naturally enough they were from various countries, names, and ages. I realized how a thread called Haiku connects us.
There used to be only three divisions to the festival, Japanese poems, Waka, and Japanese Haiku. The reason I added a Haiku in English division was due to my meeting with Mr. Shouzo Kajima, an English literary man. Now, we have four divisions.
Although in the past we did not have an awards ceremony for the English Haiku, this year we will. Our Grand Prize winner, Mr. Yasuhiro Yotsumoto, will be coming all the way from Germany. I'm very delighted that there is a sense of solidarity among us, even if each of our countries is separated.
Making this literary book I think of all of you around the world who have contributed and I would like you to enjoy the Japanese feeling contained herein. I sincerely hope you keep this with you forever and ever.
This year the world is tense. I express my gratitude for your peaceful messages through Haiku. Thank you very much.
From Numazu, at the foot of Mt.Fuji and overlooking Suruga Bay,
Koetsu Shimoyama
Daichu-ji Temple
  Suruga-Baika Literary Festival Office