English Lesson Plan 31

                                          Feb,25th, 2003


1 Toss the ball    (5min)

  Toss a ball to  a student and  say  gHello!  How  are  you?h

  That  student responds  gFine ,thank you.h, then  tosses the  ball to another student,
and so on around  the  class.  Students  continue  until  everyone  has said  the  greetings.

 < Notes>

1   At the beginning of the  activity ,model the conversation with  a  student.

2   Control  and  focus  the  game  so  that  students use  the  target  language in a  meaningful way. 
For example, the student passing  the  ball  should not forget to say gHow are  you?horhFine ,Thank you.h

3  Use the number of balls  according  to the number of  students.

2    Game  g Rock, Paper, Scissors g  (7min)        Sakai  

Genki English  www.GenkiEnglish.com

3    Picture  Book    (7min)

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear?@@(Eric Carle)

  At first, hold the book and ask gWhat animals are  in this book?h to elicit animalfs name.

  Once students answer, open the  page  and  reiterate  each animalfs name.Then read the story.   

< Notes>

  Give the students some hints , for  example gItfs a big, it has a long nose  h,hItfs strong, its name begins with L  h etc.

4    Chant  (5min)             Sakai

 "The CountingChant"@i@wEnglish Time 1xCD1 No,66)
How many pencils?    11 pencils!
How many pens?     12 pens!
How many books?     10books!      Pencils,pens,books.

How many cats?  4 cats!
How many dogs? 5 dogs!
How many cows?  1 cow!      Cats,dogs,cows.

Using  keyboard  and  CD player.


5  Game   (5min)

  *  Do  you  have  any  fun games           ?


6 Write cards    (10min)   Sakai

   Student  writes  a card  to  Keily.