English Lesson Plan 13th                                                    Sept  9 , 2003
1 language Focus
 What's this?      It's a ○○.     What's that ? / It's a ○○.
2 Function
   Name animals in English.
3 Materials Needed
Toys of animals( pig, cow,cat, chiken, horse, sheep)                   A black bag
   CD     Picture book『The toys' party』 ( Oxford univ.press.)

  Min                                         Contents                         Notes
 1 Greetings 
Hello! How are you? / Fine, thank you.

    5  2 Activity         Guess What ?   
Put six stuffed animals into a black bag. Put one hand into the bag and hold one of the stuffed anomals and say, "Guess what." Encourage Ss to name the animal. Take out the animal and Ss who had guessed correctly get 1 point each. When Ss are used to the activity , teach them to say,"It's a (animal)" when they try to guess.
 3 Conversation   
   What's this?      It's a ○○. 
Have Ss practice the conversation using the toys.

Encourage Ss to name animals aloud.
 5 Activity  Toss the Ball
Cf. Plan 2nd. 
 3 Conversation   
   What's that?      It's a ○○. 
Have Ss practice the conversation using the toys.

 5 Book
       Picture book 『The toys' party』
Hold up the book and read aloud.

This part of the plan is based on 『Blue Story Guide』( Oxford univ.press.)