English Lesson Plan 12th                                                    Sept  4 , 2003
1 language Focus
 Sh! Be quiet! / Sorry. / That's okay.
2 Function
    Make friends be quiet in English.
3 Materials Needed
 Puppet   CD    Toys of animals( pig, cow,cat, chiken, horse, sheep)  

  Min                                         Contents                         Notes
 1 Greetings 
Hello! How are you? / Fine, thank you.

       2 Chants  
   Classroom Language (CD bP)
  Sit down on a chair. Play the recording  saying listen and do the actions.Model the actions. Encourage students do the actions. 

 3 Conversation   
Sh! Be quiet! / Sorry. / That's okay.
 Demonstrate the model conversation using a puppet. Then have Ss practice.

Have Ss practice several times.
     3 Textbook
  Find the speakers.   
 Ask simple questions about the text on page9 such as "How many birds?""What color is the house?"
 Ask "Find the speaker."and play the redording CD30.
     4 Conversation      
Practice and role-play the concersation with CD29.

 5 Activity     Toss the Ball
Cf. Plan 2nd.

Students continue until everyone has practiced the conversation.