English Lesson Plan 11th                                                    July 10 , 2003
    ◎This lesson plan is based on『「ENGLISH  TIME 1」』(Setsuko Toyama    Oxford univ.press.2002) 
1 language Focus
 (1)Number( 1 - 10)    (2)Animals
2 Function
  (1)Count from 1to 10 in English. (2)Name animals in English.
3 Materials Needed
Flash cards of numbers(1-10), Karuta ( Gosyoku Eigo Karuta by Tokyo Kyouiku Kennkyujo)、
 Book『Polar Bear,Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?(Eric Cirle)

 Min                         Contents                     Notes
Hello!How are you? / Fine, thank you.
  2 Flash cards 
 Have Ss practice counting from 1 to 10.
  3 Game           Karuta  
Spread the cards of Karuta(1-10)face up on the table. Name one number. Students try to slap the card.

Have simple instructions in English as much as possible. For example
"Spread the cards.""Are you ready?""Count your cards." and so on.
      5  4   Game           Who's Faster ?
Deal ten cards to the members of each group. Students try to place the cards from 1 to 10 as fast as they can. Make sure that studens say the number loudly when they place the cards.The group which places all the cards first win.

Make Ss say the numbers loudly and clearly when they place the cards.
 5 Book 
『Polar Bear,Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?(Eric Cirle)

Read out the story.

This part of the plan is based on the Picture Puffins Guidelines by Setsuko Toyama.
  6 Finish the lesson
Ask  "What animal do you like best in this book?".