English Lesson Plan 10th                                                    July 3 , 2003
   ◎This lesson plan is based on『「ENGLISH  TIME 1」』(Setsuko Toyama    Oxford univ.press.2002) 
1 language Focus
 Ah-choo! / Bless you! / Thanks.
2 Function
      Reacting to a friend's sneeze in English.
3 Materials Needed
     Textbook. CD. Puppet.Foxtails.

 Min                         Contents                     Notes
 1 The Alphabet 
 Sing the song(CD3) with students. Make Ss point to the letters on page viii as they sing.

 2 Conversation 
 Ah-choo! / Bless you! / Thanks.
Demonstrate the model with a puppet.
Explain about exchanges for sneeze in English.Then say"We are going to practice how to react when your friend sneezes. "

Sneeze loudly using a foxtail.
      5  3 Textbook
Ask simple questions about page 5 such as "Find a bone.""Point to the flowers.""How many trees?""Find the speakers.(Listening to CD 18)"

Praise Ss as they try to answer.
 4 Practice 
Practice and role-play the conversation with CD17 changing partners.
Support Ss if necessary.
  3 Game   Who Was That?
Face the board.Ss choose a volunteer(S1). S1 sneezes. Guess the name of S1, turn around and face the class and say, "Bless you!" to S1. S1 says "Thanks."If you say"Bless you"to a wrong student,S1 sneezes again and you have to guess the name again.Continue the same way until you guess corectly.

When Ss get familiar with the game, let volunteers come to the board in turn to take the teachers's role/place to guess.