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Hi Mate !
I used to live in Australia.
In this country, they call each other
Meaning "friend","brother"and "partner".
Since it is pronunced in Aussie accent, it sounds like
They say Hello "Mait". Good bye "Mait".....
Probably an expression of immigration days.
Treating each other evenly .

Mateship means "We are all friends".
I like the way.

I have been  a radio amateuer operator for 40years.
The 1st ticket was given at the age of 16 and the callsign was JA6HIJ.
That was the time when Radio Amateurs were all bold.
Transmitters, rceivers and antennas were all our home brew.

This hobby brought me a lot of things.
Firstly, knowledge of Electronics through the weekend projects.
Secondly, foundation of English through the conversation with overseras radio friends.
Last but not least, many good friends through radio activities ont only in Japan but also abroad

I got a new callsign JL1EEE when I came back home from 2years duty in the Philippines.
I used to go around the world on business after that.
When I stationed in Sydney, I was able to get Australian lisence with the callsign of VK2CEB.


My current using radio gears of  IC-756proII as well as FT-100,TS-130s.
The picture shows Japanese traditional curp-shaped decoration "Koinobori" soaring in the sky.

I mainly operate on 21Mhz, 14Mhz and 7Mhz.
Favourite mode is phone SSB.
Being the member of DXCC, I actually hold  333 (343)entities QSL cards confirmed.
Preferable QSO is the ragchew type one rather than 59-QSL-73 QSO.
So please get me your shout when you hear my signal anytime.

Thank you.