First Overseas Contact

Hack called CQ as usual.
There was an answer.
But, it was something different
Japanese amateur radio stations normally identify themselves
with the call sign starting with JA.
This station said VK not JA.
He was not speaking Japanese.
It was English !?

Hack was not good at speaking English at that time.
Somehow, he was able to copy the call sign.
VK4FH was an Australian station.
He hardly copied anything other than call sign.
But, the VK station was repeating something.

Perspiring and heart beating.....
Very carefuly listening...
Asking my name ?
Many times and slowly....

He answered anyway. is woo..Hiroshi...
That was the first time he had ever spoken English
to a real foreigner.
In school ? Yes, he was learning.
But, it was very first real experience.

Then he couldn't remember at all how he responded for the rest.
Only thing he can recall is the name "John".
First overseas contact !!
Hack's radio signal went across the Equarter to Southern Hemisphere all the way.

It was an exciting moment.
He did not speak well though.
Hack decided his mind to learn English more to communicate with overseas HAMs.
Started English conversation night class.
As a result, he became able to talk to many HAMs in the world.

After the graduation, he was hired in an Electronics Company.
"And overseas marketing" in charge was his job.
On top of that, he had a chance to work for the Australian subsidiary company.

Australia ! his first overseas contact !
Remembering that foreign HAM "John",
Hack thought "John" led his life and job to international business.
"I will go and see him".
"It will be wonderful and happy meeting him".

Caught HAM in the same Qeensland state.
Asked how was John-VK4FH .
"Yeah, that's an interesting story".
"We know him but,.....".
"I am sorry Hack. He passed away last year".
Hack was shocked.
Yes, human dies oneday.
That is quite natural.

But, he was still disappointed very much.
Very sad very ....sad with no reasons.
Silent Key-----meaning dead in HAM term.
Thank you John and best 73.
Meaning greeting for aparting.

Hack received his new call sign from Australian Government.
Under this call sign, he worked many Japanese HAM stations.
Many of them thanked him for the first overseas contact.
Right ! Everybody was happy to talk with overseas.

Hack did as "John" did.
Happy present --First oveaseas contact-- to Japanese HAM friends.