My friend Chris

Australian HAM VK2HX(Chris) is a good friend of mine.
His ex-callsign is VK2AZU.
I still remember his Aussie accent.
As his close friend VK2HX(Tom) went "Silent Key"(died),
Chris decided his mind to succeed VK2HX callsign.
Tom had no children......

Soon I moved into Sydney, I met Chris.
Extremely strong radio signal answered my CQ call.
That was Chris VK2AZU.
I tried to locate his place asking where he lives.
"Oh , just around the corner" said the HAM..
It was only 5 minutes walk.

Right away, he came and saw me.
Official name was Mr.Chris Zvirblis.
I said "I could not pronunce"
He slowly repeated it like "Zarblis".
He came from a family of East- European immigrants.

Soon we became good friends.
He was a teacher of electronics in a technical institute.
I used to get telephone calls from his wife Sue.
Wondering where her husband was,
" Chris there ? He's not come home yet".
We always played radio together.
I still remember him running home from my radio room.

One day, he came to me for consultation.
He wanted to apply for a governmental project.
Between Japan and Australia,for a year period of the time,
They exchange Electronics school instructors.
He had 500 competitors.

He wanted to go to Japan by all means.
We had the Strategy meeting.
The examination consisted of report and interview.
I offered him a various kind of ideas.
Because, I know Japan where I was born and raised.
Chris consolidated those ideas spending 2-3 nights without sleep.

In the day for the interview.
Telephone came to my office.
Chris did it to notify the result no matter good news or bad news.
"Hack, A judge gave me a call..."
"What did he say ?"
"Well,..he said..."
"What ?"
"Get your suitcase! You are selected."
"Is this real ? Am I dreaming?"
"I just can't believe. Hack, I don't know how to thank you."

At the time of the interview,
A question came to him.
"What made you describe Japan such well."
"HAM" answered the candidate.
Chris explained What was HAM to them.
A lot of friends in the world.
Japanese HAM JL1EEE(myself) became a friend.
The judges listened to him interestingly.

As he went abroad, I felt lonely.
And the time had come. I had to go home ...Japan .
Almost at the same timing, he had to come home from Japan.
I wondered we might miss each other.
Chris was to adjust his returning schedule.
Then we had a short time "Eye-ball QSO(actual meeting)."

It was a wonderful meeting after a long absense.
But, we still had somewhat lonely feeling.
As soon as we met, we had to say good bye.
We sometimes talked on radio after that.
And we exchanged Christmas card.
For good 15 years.......

I fell down.
It was so sudden with no sign in advance.
Bleeding inside my brain !
So called "stroke".
Lost speech ability.
I became a disabled man
without movement of right hand and right leg.

Charged in a hospital.
Everyday , rehabilitation trainings went on.
Chris and I lost in touch.

I bought a personal computer for the rehabilitation purpose.
One day, I got a mail.
Name was there "Chris Zvirblis" !
I guessed he traced my E-mail address.
Mails and mails came and went.

Everybody knew "stroke" was a serious disease.
I felt his worry. So I said.....
"No worry mate. Your friend is "never dying man".
"What I can't do are only running race and boxing".
His family all laughed at that joke.
He was such a gentle minded ....I could understand.

We exchanged our recent photographs.
Mailing JPEG and GIF pictures, we were able to see friend's face.
Chris looked that he got old.
He used to be alike a base-ball player "Baas".
Now look! He has a mustache.
He was highly promoted in school I guessed.
No no...look carefuly.
Gentle and friendly eyes are there as before.
Then I thought I also got old.

VK2HX ex VK2AZU Chris

The detailed story was introduced
in "Mobile HAM Magazine"
You can find it in the back numbers.

No matter Easterners or Westerners,
we are the same human.
"Friendship" --Wealth in Life.