Hi Friends
Hack was born and raised in Kumamoto in Kyushu Island.
Therefore, he is a proud Kyushu boy.
We do not know his year of birth.
But, it is sure that he belongs to the post war generation.
So called "Baby Boom Age".

Very much fond of drinking.
No smoker.
Entirely no gambling.
Type of blood is "O" which is well known as too much protestive.
Horoscope falls on "Pisces".

When he was younger, he was an Athletics Player.
He loved the long way running and the high jump.
He is not good at any ball-playing games.
Even the "Pachinko" (like a slottle machine) ball.

As many of his aged people do, he loves Beatles.
Electric guiters and Drum set are in his room.
He once was a member of a Rock-Band called "Super Motion".
Superb is the name only Ha Ha Ha.
Beatles songs were his very first triggers to English language.

Hack met a serious disease of "Stroke" in 1998.
Lost speech ability.
Right hand side of the body got paralysed.
He became a disabled man.
Can't walk. Can't grip. Can't talk.
It was a truely heavy trial.

But, having had many kind of Rehabilitation training,
He is showing very steady recovery.
And now, speech and walking abilities are pretty much improved.
He wishes for hand's recovery as he wants to play the guiter again.

Bought a personal computer.
Through the Internet activity,
He was able to meet many wonderfull people.
This affected him to own his homepage.
He now doesn't care the problems he has.
Mixing with normal people very casually is his dream.

What is most important?
Not really phisical recovery but " Mental-Rehabilitation."
That is his strong belief.
Worst case is "Disabled for both body and mind".
My story sounds too tiring?

Worked in an Electronics Company.
Used to Commute to Shinagawa in Tokyo taking 3 hours for back and forth.

There, he had worked in many kind of projects.
Visited many countries in the world.
Most impressive country is the Philippines my Oh No," his" first overseas.
Also, lots of good memories together with family are in Australia.

His another hobby is Amateur Radio.
Enjoying himself talking with friends overseas.
He owns three callsigns like...
He had been a regular writer for a Radio Magazine "Mobile HAM" for 10 years.
Name of his page was "Happy Dxing -Talking with overseas".

Well, that's about me Oh No,"him"I mean.
Thanks for kind reading.
We hope you enjoy more visiting the content pages.